What’s Next: Mapping the New Education Landscape

After more than a year “on the hustings” promoting the themes of my book, this week I begin a new reporting project at The Chronicle of Higher Education. We call it, Re:Learning | Mapping the New Education Landscape and in many ways, it marks a very logical next step for me after writing about the crisis (crises, really) in American Higher Education.

Here’s a link to our new page,

A capital visit to Albany, and the University at Albany

Last week, thanks to an invitation from Kevin Kinser, I had the chance to visit with students and professors at the University of Albany. It was especially fun for me because usually, I’m the one interviewing Kevin — about for-profit colleges. But this time, he had me on the hot seat, with more than 60 folks in attendance — as we chatted about the themes and issues in the book.
It …

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Reviews and Reactions

In addition to some very nice notes I’ve received about American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know — from both sources and strangers –there have also been a few folks who have been kind enough to read the book and write reviews. one of them is Robert Kelchen, who graciously describes me as having “a well-deserved reputation as perhaps the best higher education journalist out there,” (I …

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It’s been a gratifying few weeks.  In November, American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know, made The Washington Post bestsellers list for paperback non fiction. And this month, an-op I wrote was published in The New York Times:  “Blowing off class? We know.”   It’s a piece about the use of big data in higher ed –an idea I discuss …

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Talkin “Higher Ed in Crisis?” in Chicago

Had a great on-air chat with WBEZ Morning Shift’s Tony Sarabia on Thursday Oct 23rd.  Here’s a link to the show.  My segment started about 20 minutes in.

Not only did Tony have some smart questions but the callers were interesting too — worrying not only about student debt but the way the conversation about higher ed has shifted to one about whether college prepares us for a job or …

Book Launch ! T-minus 2 days and counting

On Tuesday The Chronicle and I played host to some 75 people – many of them longtime sources of mine in D.C. — for the first book party.  I was honored to have so many work colleagues there too, including the founder of The Chronicle, Corbin Gwaltney.

The book is just starting to get out there — the official publication date isn’t until Monday — and already I’ve been getting some great feedback. (At the …

What Surprised a Veteran Reporter (Me!) in Writing About the Crisis in Higher Ed

This week The Chronicle published an article by me on what surprised me as I wrote the book, even though I have been covering higher education for 26 years: “A Chronicle Reporter Wrote a Book About the Higher-Ed Crisis. These 5 Things Surprised Her the Most.”

If you scroll down to the end of the article, you can see the comments.

Lots of folks responded via Twitter as well. Here …

Coming this Fall, “American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know”

Higher education has never been more important and never faced more challenges. Rising costs, student debt, and public doubts about the value of college all are on the rise, while advocates and business interests increasingly see the sector as badly in need of reform.

This book, American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know, which I was asked to write by Oxford University Press, uses a breezy Q&A format to describe …