A capital visit to Albany, and the University at Albany

A capital visit to Albany, and the University at Albany

Last week, thanks to an invitation from Kevin Kinser, I had the chance to visit with students and professors at the University of Albany. It was especially fun for me because usually, I’m the one interviewing Kevin — about for-profit colleges. But this time, he had me on the hot seat, with more than 60 folks in attendance — as we chatted about the themes and issues in the book.
It topped off a great day. Earlier that morning I was thrilled to be guest on The Roundtable talk show, with host Joe Donahue, on WAMC Northeast Public Radio. And I then spent an interesting couple of hours touring the new nanotechnology-focused campus right next to SUNY Albany. (The nano campus is ultra modern architecture and some pretty sleek equipment; the original SUNY campus was designed by Edward Durell Stone and looks just like you’d expect a sleek mid-1960s campus to look like.)

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