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“American Higher Education in Crisis?: What Everyone Needs to Know © is a comprehensive analysis of the entire spectrum of colleges and universities in the U.S. Rather than cherry-picking facts to fit a pre-conceived ‘disruption hypothesis,’ Goldie Blumenstyk provides a clear and concise explanation of the challenges and opportunities confronting the disparate sectors of higher education. This well-researched and well-written book will be useful to students and parents as well as those who seek to understand the full complexity of post-secondary education in the U.S. today.”

–Mary Sue Coleman, President Emerita, University of Michigan

“Goldie Blumenstyk brings knowledge and insight to the higher education debate. This book is even-handed and smart, and shapes some abstruse, political issues into a brisk, compelling read.”

–John Katzman, former CEO of The Princeton Review & 2U; Founder and CEO of Noodle

“As a nationally regarded reporter, Goldie Blumenstyk brings a unique and objective perspective to the nation’s rapidly changing higher education context. This book is an impressive, comprehensive overview of the most pressing—and sometimes controversial—issues confronting higher education today.”

–Jamie Merisotis, President, Lumina Foundation

“Filled to the brim with useful facts and even-handed analyses, this book provides cogent answers for parents, students, lawmakers, and anyone else who has questions about our colleges and universities-why they cost so much, are they worth the price, how technology is changing the way they teach, who is responsible for their performance.”

— Derek Bok, President Emeritus, Harvard University

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