Reviews and Reactions

Reviews and Reactions

In addition to some very nice notes I’ve received about American Higher Education in Crisis? What Everyone Needs to Know — from both sources and strangers –there have also been a few folks who have been kind enough to read the book and write reviews. one of them is Robert Kelchen, who graciously describes me as having “a well-deserved reputation as perhaps the best higher education journalist out there,” (I didn’t pay him a cent for that). Here’s his review. And I’m so pleased that at the end he says he plans to use this book in his teaching at Seton Hall University.

Matt Reed, a VP for academic affairs at Holyoke Community College,who blogs as “Dean Dad,” also did a review. In it, he takes issue with one of the concerns I raise in my conclusion. I actually think that Matt and I are in more agreement than his review would suggest. But I’ll leave that to readers of the review and the book to decide.








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