Talkin “Higher Ed in Crisis?” in Chicago

Talkin “Higher Ed in Crisis?” in Chicago

Had a great on-air chat with WBEZ Morning Shift’s Tony Sarabia on Thursday Oct 23rd.  Here’s a link to the show.  My segment started about 20 minutes in.

Not only did Tony have some smart questions but the callers were interesting too — worrying not only about student debt but the way the conversation about higher ed has shifted to one about whether college prepares us for a job or for life.

I was in Chicago to moderate two panels for the Association of Community Colleges Trustees. At one, I, along with Kim Thanos from Lumen Learning and Michelle R. Weise of the Clayton Christensen Institute, highlighted the “disruptive forces” now beginning to change higher education.  At the other, we delved a bit deeper into the “equity” implications of some of these changes with Dan Greenstein of the Gates Foundation and Danette Howard from Lumina Foundation.

Several themes from the book were also resonant at the meeting, especially the changing nature of the student population — issues I highlighted in my Chronicle coverage of the meeting.

I topped off the three days with a fun book signing.

This week I’ll be speaking three times in D.C.  Then it’s on to NYC the week after for a book event at Macaulay Honors College on Nov. 6. If you are reading this and are interested in learning more about NYC  (or a DC event this Thursday night) please get in touch.



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